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we make art.

We are 🫐Hzokki x embu🍑, two artist friends from across the world who were brought together by our love of creating artworks and merchandise.Welcome to our portfolios!


🫐 Hzokki is based in Sweden, and her unique art style can be recognized in her fun, colorful, and expressive characters. She enjoys drawing fanart of series she likes, such as Fire Emblem, Genshin Impact, and more!


🍑 embu is living under some rock in the United States. Her favorite colors are warm and mellow ones, like coral and peach. She likes creating fanart of series she enjoys, like Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, as well as drawing goodest dogs.

Hzokki x embu

Along with managing online shops and social media offering merchandise and art, Hzokki and embu have tabled together at conventions as well. This includes the Fire Emblem-centered online convention, EmblemCon, and one of Europe's largest cons, Japan Expo in Paris.

Please check out our portfolios and sample art!

Hzokki Art

🫐 Hzokki is based in Sweden but can be found travelling all over Europe sharing her art and merchandise. Her art captures the vibrant and unique characteristics of her subjects. She also has over 100 chibi's in her arsenal, each carefully drawn with love.Presently, her merchandise selection includes charms, standees, buttons, stickers, and prints!

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